Serving North Hudson's Veterans and Communities since 1919 

American Legion Post 18

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Post 18 Leadership Team

Welcome to the American Legion!


Weehawken American Legion Post 18 serves veterans and communities throughout New Jersey's northern Hudson County area. Our team consists of veterans from all backgrounds and generations, living and working alongside neighbors who never wore a uniform yet want to serve to better our common home. We know that to care for veterans, we must first take care of each other.


As part of the United States' largest wartime veterans service organization, we invite you to learn about our programs and services. Our award-winning initiatives are all veteran-led. We remain dedicated to the same principles to which we once pledged our service. No longer in uniform, we still fight for you and our own.


Most importantly, please know that you are welcome to join us. Whether volunteering with us or simply as a neighbor enjoying our community-building events, know that your presence among us is appreciated. We hope to see you soon!


There is a place for you in the American Legion!


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