Serving North Hudson's Veterans and Communities since 1919 

American Legion Post 18

Patrick and Dave

Community-Building Events for Veterans & Neighbors

Weehawken American Legion Post 18 is a valued institution within the north Hudson area, one that is known to provide our communities not only with exemplary service, but also a lot of fun!


Weehawken American Legion Post 18’s annual “dining-out” night offers our neighbors an opportunity to share in time-honored, and often hilarious, military traditions. For our Legionnaires and local veterans, we host social events regularly both onsite and regionally.

Support for Veterans in Hospice & Palliative Care

Weehawken American Legion Post 18 is dedicated to being a comforting and loyal presence in the lives of our members and fellow veterans, especially during crises and times of hardship.


Weehawken American Legion Post 18 works with New Jersey’s Lyons Veterans Affairs Medical Center to care for our brethren-in- arms in hospice or palliative care. Our Legionnaires deliver care

packages, organize visits, and sponsor outings to uplift their spirits.


Honoring the Fallen & Support for the Grieving

Weehawken American Legion Post 18 is ready to assist the families of its members and fellow veterans with end of life care and arrangements to honor those who once served our country.


Weehawken American Legion Post 18 is able to celebrate the life of a Legionnaire upon passing with a memorial ceremony that includes longstanding military traditions. We comfort those who grieve and connect them to available resources and services.


Buddy Checks &
Caring for Disabled and Senior Veterans

Weehawken American Legion Post 18 leaves no comrade behind. Our Legionnaires conduct outreach regularly to members and local veterans, so that each knows they have a buddy when
need arises.


Weehawken American Legion Post 18 works to support area veterans who are disabled and/or senior citizens, advocating for their needs, facilitating their access to available services, and sharing resources and camaraderie with our brethren-in-arms.


Entrepreneurship & Economic Opportunity

"Our Stories" Video Series

A forthcoming video series where veterans share their stories, discuss platforms for continued service, and engage issues that are core to the veterans space. These exchanges are informative, moving, and powerful; they illustrate the importance of hearing and collecting the stories of our veterans.

Nurturing Veterans & Military Families

Veterans capacity for leadership extends to the private sector. Our Legionnaires remain engaged in efforts to improve veterans access to economic opportunity. We help connect our brethren-in-arms to mentors in a variety of finance, manufacturing, and distribution networks.


Weehawken American Legion Post 18 retains strong relationships with Veterans Chambers of Commerce, as well as fellow Veterans Service Organizations that exist to open doors for Veteran-Owned Businesses.

Weehawken American Legion Post 18 stands ready to help veterans and military families navigate the benefits process, working to ensure all receive the resources they or their loved ones earned during service to our country.



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